Dreams of Grace

Dedicated to and all about the most beautiful woman of her time- a girl, an actress, a princess................
Grace Kelly

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I work bigger. Fred`s style is more intimate. I`m very jealous of that when I see him on the small screen. Fred looks so great on TV. I`d love to put on a white tie and tails and look as thin as him and glide as smoothly. But I`m built like a blocking tackle. - Gene Kelly

You know, that Kelly, he`s just terrific. That`s all there is to it. He dances like crazy, he directs like crazy. I adore this guy. I really am crazy about his work. - Fred Astaire

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Marylin Monroe &lt;3

I love this. 

Aww she was so cute!


Grace Kelly paper dolls from 1955. Look at some of those great clothing styles!

What a cutie! I want these swimmers &lt;3

An angel from heaven- my beautiful Grace

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A post dedicated to my favorite outfit of Princess Grace’s. A pale blue, chiffon dress she wore while she and Prince Rainier were receiving gifts the day before their wedding. She carried the same needlepoint bag she carried to the Oscars the year before and wore a small headpiece so the press and crowds could see her face. 



Favourite Classic Films (in no particular order)
High Society (1956), dir. Charles Walters

Put me in your pocket, Mike.

This always cheers me up

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Adorable &lt;3
Love, love, LOVE this outfit! &lt;3 as always
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